New York City attracts the most promising actors, singers, dancers, directors, musicians, artists and writers, all hoping to find fame in their chosen fields. Many artists will sacrifice everything for his or her craft—their time, their body, financial stability and even important relationships. While their intense level of dedication is often a requisite for success, the lifestyle led by many creative professionals is liable to take a toll on their mental state.

Pursuing your life’s passion is an act requiring bravery and strength of character. The pressure of handling the emotional output it takes to succeed in the arts is why many people experience more difficulties than they anticipated. This is why many people, no matter how talented, fail to make it big.   Inner turmoil caused by depression, anxiety or other issues, is not only detrimental to an artist’s overall mental health; it can have adverse effects on the creative process.

Even accomplished artists are not immune to psychological unrest. Members of the creative community can often  feel a sense of disconnect as a result of their success; some may be uncomfortable with recognition, while others live in fear of not measuring up to new expectations. It should also be noted that the mind of an artist operates differently from that of people in other fields.  They don’t have a nine-to-five schedule, their thoughts never travel far from their work and finding inspiration can be a physically-and emotionally-draining process.

By talking through your feelings with a licensed professional, help is available to better manage one’s emotions, control  anxiety and make sense of the creative lifestyle.

Dr. Lisa Juliano is uniquely qualified  to serve  the artistic community. While working in professional theatre, she witnessed her friends and colleagues struggling to maintain psychological stability.. Dr. Juliano opened her practice with a mission of sensitivity and open-mindedness. With her first-hand knowledge of the emotional difficulties experienced by artists, writers and performers, Dr. Juliano is specially equipped to help her clients achieve mental fortitude and inner harmony.